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I am here with you

We are not alone at the beginning. We come to the world with a magical or otherworldly counterpart who prompts the life and work. If life has a base that it stands upon…. then my [life] without a doubt stands upon this invisibility.

It is of lying half asleep, half awake, in the studio of North London dreaming of physical products I can sell to make some money so that I can carry on with my art. It is of encountering social media waves…. Twitter, Facebook, Google, Tumblr, LinkedIn. etc… and feeling, it is almost impossible to find a path to success in social media due to the many experts already established in the game.

Because  I have so little, I rely on my imagination.

Many years ago, my entrepreneurial mind fashioned  ‘dice’ as a navigation instrument for my life’s journey. And by the way, dice is an acronym for…

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