Iceini – “As far as I am aware, traders never depicted their commodities on blog post. They post trade leads on trading platforms. And for those who have been in business for decades, customers know exactly where to find them. Here, things are changing and they are changing pretty fast.” All this was in the back of my mind as I lay beneath an oak tree. “Since the survival of any organism depends on being prepared for encounters with other living things, AI makes good evolutionary sense.” I had recently experienced a perception of reality which left me gobsmacked on how people are presented with what they’re looking for, placed within their perceptual field and they walk past because it doesn’t look obvious at first glance…

Most people tend to think that the business models of tens of years ago cannot be removed simply because they have produced results. Well, it is a matter of opinion that whatever works does not need to be changed but as we approach a new era in human technology, the major players big and small, companies working round the clock on ways to improve the familiar, making room for clean, energy efficient, environmentally friendly products and business models are set to plug in to the new systems shaping the future of trade. Just in case you haven’t noticed, cloud computing and Internet of Things are here to change the way we live forever!

Startups in particular who are attuned with current digital trends can enhance perceptual strategy. Regardless of how good or how promising this sounds, startups still face a lot of challenges including secured access to capital, but the greatest challenge of all remains no track record (a catastrophic barrier to entry). In my view, it is astonishing to see trade negotiations to which Iceini is official mandate for African copper cathode 99.99% from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) progressing rather slowly mainly because customers don’t have good order visibility. This assertion is backed by a scenario where a potential buyer asked why Iceini mandate to African copper cathode from London? Seller financier in Australia? And seller agent hold Africa? Well, I explained that people don’t have to be physically present at specific locations to trade in products coming from same location anymore. This is just a simple example of the many questions asked over the last 9 months since we got mandate to sell copper.

How then can a small business overcome barriers to entry?

I. Get to know what you’re trading

Gather as much information as possible on the products you trade. Once this is realised, the stories suddenly attain a new significance. In the event you are presented with as a uniquely privileged sole distributor, negotiator or mandate, this is your chance to pull all your weight behind your principal(s).

II. Join trade platforms

A form of advertising for your products to be displayed. If people don’t know you have something, how will you be found? Take a look at our copper cathode lead on tradekey

As the source of our first trade experience, tradekey enabled us to post buy/ sell leads without subscription fee. Subsequently, we gained meaningful connections with buyers/sellers of various commodities. As easy as it seems, the platform is geared towards established businesses who have taken advantage of the reputation built over many years to earn trust points.

III. Discover what works best for You

Google what is out there and take time to consider your options. For a new business with 0 trust point, getting your foot in the door can be a daunting task. Even though we can’t tell if our tradekey profile completeness or VIP upgrade have something to do with the gravity of our trade alerts, the lack of clarity on tradekey made it necessary for us to consider A/B split testing.

Turning to tradeindia, we are presented not only with clear call to action buttons, tips are provided on how to make the best of their platform. Very suitable for genuine traders because bids as low as $4 are placed to engage a supplier. It’s no doubt a reputable platform to device bids. An indication of seriousness on the path of buyers.

Click for copper cathode sell lead on tradeindia

IV. Negotiate

Good storytellers connect the past and the future.

This is one skill artists, politicians, and business leaders need to master in order to overcome the many challenges faced dealing with people of different background, persuasion, values, and belief systems.

Wayward or not, it’s an intensely exciting endeavour to pour your heart over a matter of interest, glimpsing references here and there, and remaining strong to a course. The joy immersing oneself to the spectacular sign of principal product is the sure way to project your confidence to ‘others’. If you’re not confident or enthusiastic about what you’re trading, why should they?

The subtlest of successful negotiations are those signalling peace. Wait for those whose pace does not match yours, allowing them time to ‘wake up’. This time of waiting is a form of prayer meeting […] Test your resolve going forward.

For further reading: Discover How To Be A Good Negotiator and avoid the common pitfall to tell better stories starting today!

V. Close strong

Closing strong does not only present a period of action, but also of intense reflection – and anticipation. Following your ascension as a worthy player in your field of trade, it is important to emphasize that closing a deal is based on the expectation of a future value alignment with your principal(s).

There’s no reason to think buyer have upper hand: The core of the narrative is the image of Two men. One man sells product, the other man buys product. If seller don’t supply to buyer regardless of how much buyer have, buyer have upper hand if buyer find another seller. However, if supply is exclusive only to seller, buyer go empty handed. The same goes for seller if buyer is the only and last buyer in the world. Did you get the picture?

Moving on, it is time to lay trade speculations aside and examine the social media evidence. Technology marketers believe in simplicity not because they think anyone alive witnessed the last ice age, nor because they only want massive gains, but because they have faith in the messianic rescue plan to bring our world ever closer for sustainable living for all.

Finally, expect the unexpected.

So, we can say with confidence that any African narrating an account of the DRC copper trade discovery in the new civilization spanning entire globe should have remarkable potential inferred purely on the basis of trade itself.



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