The Ultimate Power

(Chain of divine influence)

Many of the greatest masters in history have confessed to experiencing some kind of force or voice or sense of destiny that has guided them forward.

A “star”, daemon, a voice heard perhaps from the gods, which inevitably speak to the likes of Socrates, Al-Kindi, Shakespeare, Goethe, Napoleon Bonaparte, and last but not the least, Madiba. A kind of spirit that dwelled within them and compelled them to fulfill their destiny. In more modern times, Albert Einstein talked of a kind of inner voice that shaped the direction of his speculations. Leonardo da Vinci’s own sense of fate was pretty similar.

This new dispensation, the first bitcoin specification and proof of concept by Satoshi Nakamoto is seen as his star he felt in ascendance when he made the right move putting it forward in 2009. Even though such feelings can be seen as purely mystical, beyond explanation, or as hallucinations and delusions, there’s another way to see them- as eminently real, practical, and explicable.

The blockchain tech powering bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is globally inclusive, enabling millions across the globe to transactions, save and hedge their way to a better financial future.

Bitcoin is a technological tour de force.

Bill Gates Microsoft Co-founder

Couldn’t believe blockchain has landed until this Tweet suddenly appeared on Boxing Day

And here’s what one blogger/ marketer had to say about it.

‘Cause even when you blog about chain of divine influence, the humourless blog will never do, you’d still miss the fun bit. And you don’t wanna miss a thing.

Who is involved in Bitcoin?

Adam Sharp, Co-Founder of Early Investing LLC in his publication, ‘Common Myths About Bitcoin’ affirms bitcoin is already the best-performing asset in history… and bitcoin has only started its ascent!

At first, many people don’t understand why bitcoin has value. It is a decentralized network which allows users to transact directly, peer to peer, without middle man to manage the exchange of funds. With end to end transfer it is so much better than traditional wire or money transfer because you don’t need a middle man – a “trusted party”, usually a bank. Banks collect fees and they can block transactions for political reasons. Their software is ancient and hasn’t changed much in decades. Isn’t it reassuring your money is kept safe in a wallet knowing there is no entity that can lock you out of your funds?

With bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the owner has complete control of their assets. They have the “private keys” that determine ownership. A private key is essentially just a password. Its very secure as long as you don’t lose it.

Bitcoin was the first blockchain-based currency, but since then, thousands of new coins have launched. Many of them borrowed bitcoin’s blockchain technology, which is fine since the whole thing is open source, or free to utilize.

According to Investment U, 2Billion dollars worth of bitcoin changes hands every day. This is a part of why bitcoin has become so valuable. It’s very liquid, meaning you can trade it for cash all over the world. You can also buy goods.

All the bitcoins in existence are now worth around $67 billion. There are 15 million bitcoins today, and there will only ever be 21 million. Not a lot to go around on a planet with 7 billion people huh?

Bitcoin has already changed the lives of early adopters and the big boys are slowly starting to roll in. It is only a matter of time when megafinancial institutions will come around eventually. And then the real buying will begin. They can’t deny that it’s the best-performing asset in history, or that adoption is accelerating.

For in-depth understanding of blockchain technology, tap video to view ๐Ÿ‘‡

Wondering where to spend Bitcoin?

You can buy goods at places like, and thousands of other locations worldwide.

The new generation of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets are on a rip-roaring bull run. A few of them might even challenge bitcoin.

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