Work with us

Want to spread wealth make investors get good return on investment help the world become a fairer place? We’re hiring. Open position


You can choose the hours to work provided you are delivering on our set goals and objectives. Constant contact is maintained to supervise workflow, and the rest on cloud based collaboration tool – Slack. Because of the geographic variance, we’re active 24/7. We care about the work you produce, not just the hours you put in.

Coming on board

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When you make it past the interview stage we’ll do a project together on contract, typically lasting between four to eight weeks depending on how much time you can spend, to see how we work together. When you join full-time, you’ll be inducted into the company’s hall of fame, for evermore, regardless of your position. We believe an early and ongoing connection with the people who sell our services is irreplaceable.

What do we look for?

People who are curious, driven, compassionate, tenacious, autonomous, friendly, independent, collaborative, communicative, supportive, self-motivated, and sufficient knowledge of how Blockchain technology works. We want to work with people interested in improving standards in consumer services and making the world a better place. Think you’ve got what it takes? Apply today.

Getting to know us

Would you like to know a bit more about how our company runs without brick and mortar, using a cloud based business solutions?


Financial – Grow core portfolio, supply chain management, and distribution. High yield ROI for stakeholders

Customers – Consolidate engagement model, achieve large-scale direct customer relationship, extend partnerships. Establish long term relationships

Internal Process – Make talent an advantage, drive standards, request audit, establish collaborative relationships, accelerate simplicity. Ensure ecosystem coherence

Learning & Growth – Blockchain ecosystem, core tracking, orchestrating platform for complementing innovators, community building, publishing. Communicate with the public


Our Develpoment Process

Investment in data driven digital assets. For every customer we gain, we gather information about their experience, interaction, and profit in addition to listening to the masses of feedback we get on our blog and through social media profiles. This helps us inform decisions about new processes and enhancements.

As we increase the assets and investments of the company to support the development of services, we always ensure adequate customer taste and satisfaction takes on the driving seat.


  • Home office setup work remotely
  • All company travel costs covered
  • Company sponsored share capital investment
  • Meet financial industry key players


We are strong believers in Blockchain technology and everything we do is in compliance with Blockchain ecosystem. For a chance to be a part of the best team shaping the future of business, join our new frontier open position